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No person has the same body and life situation as another. So why would you purchase a program that is a “one size fits all”?

Online Custom Nutrition Plans And Training Programs are made to fit the clients’ lifestyle, schedule and body type.

The Digital Fitness Coach experience includes weekly check ins. These check ins determine the weekly changes to be made to the nutrition and training plans. These regular changes insure that progress continues. It is a scientific approach that gives clients the information they need to succeed, at a fractional cost of regular personal training.

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The Must-Try Couple’s Workout – Look Amazing With Your Girl

It's been said that couples who play together stay together – and working out totally qualifies. That's why Nik V. AKA Digital Fitness Coach (digitalfitnesscoach. com) and his girlfriend and bikini competitor, Priscilla Tavares...

The Must-Try Couple’s Workout – Look Amazing With Your Girl – Part 2

RENEGADE ROWS  (no pushup) - Start in a push up position with your hands gripping dumbbells (or kettlebells), pull one hand towards your ribs. Repeat with both sides. PARTNER TORSO TWISTS  With one kettlebell, stand behind your...

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