Lucy Ellis - Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

Lucy Ellis, MSc. – Personal Trainer and Nutritionist Lucy has been in the health and fitness industry since a young age, which drove her passion for training and nutrition.

With two degrees in Nutrition and multiple course accreditations she has the knowledge, years of experience and a great passion to ensure all clients achieve their results.

After a free consultation, she will start working on a client’s transformation process to get the body in the best health condition it has been. Whether the goal is weight loss, weight gain, strength or general fitness, Lucy’s advanced training and nutritional principles can help each client especially when used in conjunction with DNA analysis. Each plan is completely personalised to the individual depending on goals, training history, current body composition, fitness levels and genetic analysis if available.

One to one sessions are based at Core Gym in Bradford, but online training is available with weekly updates, skype calls and analysis to ensure that you stay on track. All programs are based upon scientific knowledge backed by research, so if you want to be in the best shape and optimum health, then get in touch with Lucy for more details.

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