What is Selenium ?

Today we are going to take a quick look at a crucial mineral that is currently being overlooked. Selenium is the most efficient antioxidant, it is used as a cofactor at a sub cellular level to create glutathione peroxidase, which is the strongest internal antioxidant the human body possesses Selenium prevents cellular and sub cellular lipids and fats from being peroxidised, which literally means it prevents your body fat from going rancid One of the tell tale signs that your body fat is rancid will be seen externally as “Age Spots”. These golden brown pigments of aging are technically known as ceroid liofuscin. Which gradually fill the cells accelerating the aging process. This is completely avoidable and reversible, as selenium protects cellular oxidative damage Having a selenium deficiency at the same time as consuming vegetables oils is the quickest route to arteriosclerosis The configuration of these oils when heated literally causes rancidity (free radical damage) of cellular fat I’d personally recommend supplementing with selenium, the misconception is that you can obtain all the selenium you need from Brazil nuts!? Which is true if they’ve been grown in selenium rich soil, otherwise how do you know?..I wouldn’t leave it to chance