Olympia milestones

AND THE SANDOW GOES TO…He’s only 16 inches tall and weighs 17 pounds, but the Sandow trophy is the biggest bodybuilder prize of them all. Modeled after the father of modern bodybuild-ing, Eugen Sandow, the statue has been handed to 11 Olympia winners. (Larry Scott and Sergio Oliva predated it.) The original Sandow was made in 1891, but the rendition for the Olympia was modeled after a golden statue made in 1894. The irst Mr. O to receive it onstage was Frank Zane in 1977. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Weider are credited with making it the Olympia trophy. Ironically, seven-time winner Schwarzenegger has only one Sandow, via his 1980 victory. Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman have eight apiece.


Age 124 years
Weight 17 lbs
Height 16″
Material Bronze
Value Priceless

Age 10 months
Weight 45 lbs
Height 24″
Material Solid bronze
Value Priceless

SHOW ME THE MONEY! From 1965–74, prize money for the sport’s ultimate title remained a paltry $1,000. The five-figure barrier wasn’t broken until 1978. The numbers kept inflating through the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s, with the half-million mark reached in 2004. Last year’s total? See at right.

BIKINI MODEL SEARCH Since 2007, the recipe for success has been simple: Take one large serving of beautiful women in bikinis and high heels. Mix together. Place onstage. Then stand back and wait for swarms of gawking, screaming fans. Every year since, it has grown in both the number of contestants and the number of devotees. The top three present awards at the Olympia finals at Orleans Arena, with the winner receiving $2,000 and two VIP tickets to next year’s O Weekend.

RECLAIMED It’s tough to knock out the champ but not impossible. In the contest’s 51-year history, only six Mr. O’s have lost the title. Of those six, only one reclaimed it the following year: Jay Cutler.

BOOTH BLOWUP More booths at the Olympia Expo translates to more cool swag for you:1 , 150 Number of booths in 2015. The total in 2008 was 484.

GIVE HIM PROPS Ronnie Coleman is the only Mr. Olympia to wear a costume and and use props for his individual posing routine.


Which Mr. Olympia winners had the most impressive set of pipes?

1 Phil Heath
2 Ronnie Coleman
3 Arnold Schwarzenegger
4 Sergio Oliva
5 Larry Scott
6 Dexter Jackson