Muhdo research shows that the gene AMPD1 affects recovery from maximal activity!

Muhdo research SNAPSHOT

The team at Muhdo have discovered that those with certain variants in the gene AMPD1 (rs17602729) take longer to recover after intense bouts of exercise. The small scale study discovered that 29 females who completed a 500m Concept 2 row at that damper of their choosing, followed by a 120s rest before the test was repeated had differing results depending on their AMPD1 variant.

On average:

Those with the CC variant in AMPD1 were: 4.72s slower.

Those with the CT variant in AMPD1 were:  15.45s slower.

Those with the TT variant in AMPD1 were: 25.91s slower.


This shows that by understanding our genetic make-up we can tailor our training better:

  1. All variants outputted statistically similar initial times.
  2. Those with a T variant were significantly slower to recover within 120s.

Raw Data:

F, 20-30y/o, 2+Y exp gym/fitness.