DNA test- Eddie Hall

Another result from Eddies DNA test showed he has an extremely high lactate threshold, and its as good as they come.

The lactate threshold is also known as the anaerobic threshold or AT, and is the level at which lactate begins to accumulate within the blood stream during exercise. With this increase in demand, our body quickens our ability to process glycogen for energy. This sudden increase for energy causes a molecule called pyruvate to increase. If the body is placed under extreme demand, pyruvate can be utilised for energy, or it can be converted to lactic acid and used later. The body can only utilise so much pyruvate, and if the cells cannot burn it fast enough, more pyruvate will be converted in to lactic acid. The DNA Test has shown Eddie that he has a rare genetic variants and a highly gifted response to lactic acid build up, that allows him to train and lift harder for longer hence why he can out rep all of the competition and train like a nutter, hence 50 reps with 52.5kg.

Team MUHDO explained that one of the keys to increasing your lactic threshold lies in improving your ability to oxidise lactic acid for energy production. Improving blood flow and providing the muscle cells with sufficient oxygen will dramatically increase and enhance your aerobic system, allowing you to oxidise lactic acid more efficiently. You can also utilise key foods and nutrients that can enhance certain blood vessel genes, supporting your body’s effort to achieve a higher lactic acid threshold. Beetroot and Celery are both great vasodilators, which will improve blood flow, and Vitamin C is a potent lactic acid oxidiser.