Was Eddie born a champion?


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No one is born a champion, it’s always about surroundings, availability to train, having proper nutrition and the drive to do so. Only problem is…. what are our deficiencies? Which do we need to work on most?

I got my DNA results back from MUHDO and among loads of other things I discovered I’m susceptible to a few genetic deficiency’s in the following areas!

    • Omega 3
    • Vitamin D
    • Vitamin A

One big change I made from World’s Strongest Man 2016 to 2017 was up my fish oil intake from basically zero to that 10x of what a fisherman would eat. And my performances shot through the roof in training and on stage.

Taking Omega 3’s enabled me to recover faster in-between training.
They decrease the expression of pro-inflammatory genes that can lead to muscle and tissue tears/injury.

You should consume Omega 3’s anyway, but the DNA Profile has just highlighted for me that I made a very wise choice in using high strength fish oils to aid my way to victory because of my hindered ability to absorb them.

Taking Omega 3’s with meals increases the amount of nutrients you’ll absorb. And obviously the more nutrients you are absorbing per meal the faster you will be recovering.
There are 3 different types DHA, EPA and ALA. DHA and EPA are mostly found in animal sources such as oily fish and some sources of grass fed beef. ALA is found in nuts and seeds as well as Tofu.

No one is born a champion… hard work and good nutrition is key! Wish I had a DNA test done 10 years ago and maybe I’d have saved a lot of graft, pain and suffering.

I’ve done a test for my kids so they will have all this information ready if they ever choose to pursue an athletic career and il be sharing that also and the changes I’ll be making to their diets:- @muhdo_health
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