Travel to Tokyo, JAPAN

I spent six weeks in Tokyo, including a month by myself housesitting my brother’s flat and living like a local rather than in a hotel. I found it easy to use public transportation, and I never felt unsafe making my way through the city.

Tokyo caters to the inner tourist with its rich history, beautiful culture, and diverse architecture; all the while offering you a laid-back vacation if you’re looking for natural spas, unique shops, and an eccentric nightlife.

To really enjoy Tokyo, set aside some time to climb Mount Fuji, rejuvenate in hot springs, get an anime manicure, sing your heart out in the mecca for karaoke enthusiasts, and feel the love at Sensõ-ji, the city’s most popular Buddhist temple.


Japan is number nine on the Global Peace Index, and its capital, Tokyo, ranked first on the Safe City Index.

SAFETY NOTE: Although the crime rate is quite low in Japan compared to other countries, vacationers who have experienced unfortunate situations have reported Japanese investigating techniques to be quite different. Sexual assault crimes, for example, are often investigated without a female officer present, and victims will be questioned on their past relationships and sexual history. Call 110 for the police and 119 for ambulance and fire services.