Travel to Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

Amsterdam is probably best known for its Red Light District and legal marijuana cafes, but there’s a lot more to this charming city than you might think. For one, it’s home to some of the most polite and wonderful people from all across Europe, so you’ll be happy to find different types of cuisine in this quaint city. During your visit, be sure to take a moment to visit the Anne Frank House. Seeing where the young girl wrote her gut-wrenching diary all those decades ago is quite emotional, no matter if you’ve read the book or not.

To really enjoy the city, take a canal cruise, bike your way through the cobblestone streets, try a raw herring sandwich (a.k.a. broodje haring) with a side of some of the best fries in the world, and go for a beer tasting at one of the eight remaining windmills.

If you find yourself in Amsterdam during the spring, take a trip to Bollenstreek to see the world famous tulip fields. It’s definitely worth the day trip.


Amsterdam ranks number five on the Safe Cities Index list, and the Netherlands is 21 on the Global Peace Index.

SAFETY NOTE: Although crime rates are relatively low, like other tourist heavy European cities, watch for pickpockets and bag snatchers, especially at train and tram stations. To contact the police, dial 112.

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