The iron shake

A man looking to drop fat needs a meal-replacement with muscle

WHEN WOMEN WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT, they drink those dainty liquids that come in a pink can. Men are supposed to whip up a protein shake and down it in one gulp. But the meal replacement supplement market is changing, and one brand— SlimFast—may have the best option yet for men who want to shed their gut (and keep it off). And, fortunately, it doesn’t come in pink.

MEAL-REPLACEMENT drinks used to be simply this: a low-calorie protein or fiber-rich beverage that filled you up to prevent overeating—in effect “replacing” a whole-food meal when you don’t have time to prepare one. SlimFast’s new Advanced Nutrition line is different. First off, it’s designed specifically for men, so it doesn’t just focus on weight loss but also long-term weight management. Its 20 grams of protein (in the form of calcium caseinate) is perfect for building muscle, as well as speeding recovery. At the same time, the drinks contain an equal amount of fiber (5 grams) and calories (180) as your girlfriend’s version. It packs only 1 gram of sugar, and it’s glutenand lactose-free.

SlimFast is even macho enough for use in the U.S. Army. A study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association looked at soldiers who needed to lose weight to remain in the service. One group followed the Army’s own weight management program by itself, and the other used the program along with meal-replacement supps. The result? Fewer subjects dropped out in the supplement group, and they lost more weight—and specifically more body fat—than those who followed the Army guidelines alone.

In addition to ready-to-drink bottles, SlimFast Advanced Nutrition is also available in powder and bar form—and all varieties fight off hunger for up to four hours, helping ensure you don’t overeat. Try the Creamy Chocolate flavor. Our tasters agree it’s one of the best in the meal replacement market.