The Beast – Eddie Hall

From all of us here at Muhdo we’d like to introduce you to Eddie Hall, The World’s Strongest Man who is an official Muhdo Ambassador. Analysing the DNA of the World’s Strongest Man has been fascinating. Discovering which of Eddie’s genetic gifts he has exploited to the max, but crucially understanding his weak points that he has overcome through years of hard work and determination.

We all have genetic strengths and weaknesses, from a particular style of training to the foods and nutrients you’ll metabolise. Nutrigenomics is the future of sports performance, personalised training and nutritional advice, aligned to your individual genetic markers takes the guesswork out for athletes and coaches alike.

Muhdo’s DNA profiling analyses over 180 genetic variants, unlocking information that will help Improve your health, performance, recovery and crucially helping you to avoid illness and possible injury. Make sure to follow us and Eddie on his journey on Instagram and Facebook. 

It’s going to be an exciting 2018!