The Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race, set in the stunning surroundings of Victoria, Australia, will see the in-race technology used Down Under for the first time ever.

Several members of Team Sky’s lineup will race with the equipment, allowing real-time rider data to be shown from start to finish on Velon’s website and in its free app.

The data includes power, cadence, heart rate and speed so viewers can see how hard the riders are working.

Luke Rowe, who has raced both editions of the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race, expressed his excitement at the furthering of the Velon project.

He said: “The sport in general is getting so much more advanced and futuristic. There’s always investment going into our performance and the bikes, so it’s good to see it going across all areas and funneling back to the fans. You can sit at home and see how hard we’re going.

It’s a massive step forward. Fans can really engage in the sport, more so than they could before, and it’s exciting to be a part of the sport at a time where it’s advancing at such a rate.
And speaking about the race itself, Rowe – who finished fourth in 2015, before riding in support of winner Pete Kennaugh in 2016 – added: “The Great Ocean Road is simply stunning, and then you go through the flat lands where a couple of years ago it split in the crosswinds, so there’s that to consider as well. It makes for a pretty open and exciting race – I’m looking forward to it.“It’s got a bit of a Classics feel. The race builds and builds and gets faster as it goes on. It’s always one I look forward to doing.”