Bond girl stunt double

Bond girl stunt double GEMITA SAMARRA can hold her own against Bautista and defies death on the regular. SHE grew up on a farm and used to hunt with a recurve bow.
She has given up hunting and believes strongly in the humane treatment of animals. She has now converted to a vegetarian and vegan diet. she gets her fuel for her training from a carb-heavy diet. she prefers using sports to sculpt her body, including swimming and climbing.

She used to compete in horse riding and synchronized swimming…loves cooking meals from her favorite Jamie Oliver cookbook.…likes a guy who puts his muscle to the test with competitive sports. …is always looking for the next challenge and is working toward her helicopter pilot’s license.

She is attracted guy who is not intimidated by her uncommon passions. learned some Filipino knife fighting from Dave Bautista when filming Spectre. …is not intimidated by working in a male-dominated industry.she goes crazy without a daily workout, which she calls her Zen.Gemita has also performed stunts for 24. She’s slated to appear on the new season of Game of Thrones.