Balancing work-life & training

BESIDES INSPIRING HER FOLLOWERS with Instagram workouts, Alicia Marie, the author of The Booty Bible and self-proclaimed comics nerd, talked to us about turning her own hearing loss (she’s partially deaf) into a superpower.
“I can’t hear haters and negative talk,” she says. “You can’t get anything done in this life if you spend too much time thinking about all the things you can’t do.” Here’s what else you need to know about her.


… loves to cosplay. She once appeared as Storm from X-Men on a live podcast with Stan
Lee—and saved the day when the sound went out. “I read the caller’s lips and relayed the
questions to Stan.”

… feels sexiest right after a workout and after she mauls someone in the World of
Warcraft arena.

… works hard on her abs (and it shows). “You can’t cry about genetics when you see
someone with a tight tummy. It takes hard work and discipline.”

… hates spiders, but tested her limits when she once held a tarantula for five seconds.

… can walk on her hands, thanks to gymnastics training as a tot.

… sings Fleetwood Mac in the shower.

… holds a dual degree in neuroscience and psychology.

… digs guys with passion, who unabashedly admit their geeky tendencies.

… almost lost her bikini top while onstage. “It was a nightmare, as my top began unraveling and I was trying to keep my composure at the same time.”