Iron Maiden: Roff the charts

British model, actress, and Instagram goddess ROSIE ROFF is the total package

You’ve filmed We Still Die the Old Way. Do you prefer modeling or acting?
It’s weird because I don’t like to present or talk directly into a camera. I find that really bizarre. But I love to be in a character role. If I can be someone else, I feel absolutely comfortable. Modeling is great, but it’s nice to challenge yourself when you can.

You grew up in England but have spent lots of time in the States. So…U.K. or USA?
I love the USA. I think it’s a wonderful place, and I really like the people. They’re the most positive and friendly in the world, whereas people in England tend to be a bit more realistic and less encouraging. So I like to go to the U.S. and get my fix of America before coming back to the U.K.

You’ve worked as a ring girl for pro boxing matches and once traveled on a promotional tour to Macau with Manny Pacquiao. Would you ever lace up the gloves and fight?
I’m actually horrible at boxing. I take a boxing class, and I’m very uncoordinated with the pads and the punching. But I do appreciate it as a workout, and I find it really fun, and I like the whole industry. Boxing is more personal than, say, football.

Who would you rather be a ring girl for: Rocky Balboa or Adonis Creed?
Rocky, for sure. I liked Creed, and I really like Michael B. Jordan and think he’s a terrific actor. But I don’t think he can beat the OG. You gotta respect the original.

Rosie works out five times a week, if not more. In addition to boxing, she enjoys spin class and high-intensity interval training

What’s the best way for a guy to approach you?
I like niceness, not arrogance. I know that’s cheesy, but it’s true. But I think when you approach anyone, you should be polite and sweet. Most girls react quite well to that—as long as you’re complimentary, you’re in.

At the risk of disappointing a lot of guys: Do you have a man in your life these days?
I do. It’s kind of new, but I’ve known him for 10 years. He’s a fitness model and athlete named Matt Rodwell. He’s also my personal trainer, which works out nice. He kicks my ass.

What’s better cardio, sex or the treadmill?
If done right, I would say sex.

What about sex or boxing class?
I’m going to have to say sex every time, otherwise I’ll sound really disappointing. Plus, I already said I’m crap at boxing. I wouldn’t like to admit that I was crap at sex.