Want a tough training session?

Terron Beckham is an athletic wonder. In many ways, he personifies what the word “fitness” is all about. He possesses not only an astonishing chiselled physique, but also world-class athletic skills. His performances at NFL training showcases have yielded jaw-dropping results, like a 44.5-inch vertical jump — for a running back, this number is superhuman, considering no other player at this position jumped higher than 41.5 inches.

Terron also ran the 40-yard dash in 4.47 seconds, broad jumped 11 feet, and bench pressed 225 pounds for 36 reps. Yet, in spite of all these terrific feats of sports performance (and significant interest from franchises like the New York Giants, New York Jets, and Oakland Raiders), the fact remains that Terron hasn’t yet secured his spot in the National Football League. What separates Terron’s story from those of young football players trying to win a  place on an NFL roster is that Terron is attempting to make the big-time without playing one down for an NCAA Division I or II college or university. Make no mistake — this is almost unheard of. But, to Terron, the yearning has always been there.

“Ever since I got out of high school, the desire to play football never went away,” he says.

After spending one semester at Division III Stevenson University (Owings Mills, Maryland), Terron unfortunately ran into some financial difficulties. He switched back to his home state of Texas and enrolled at Navarro Junior College in Corsicana. His aim was to play a full season of football, but he ran into more obstacles. From having to work long hours at various jobs to pay for his tuition, his grade point average suffered significantly. Terron then moved on to Tyler Junior College where he participated in tryouts. The coaching staff in consensus thought Terron’s skills were too good to be true, but as he puts it, “They all wanted to know the real question — can I actually play the game of football?” As fate would have it, Terron was struck with yet another major obstacle in his quest to play pro football. During his second lightning- fast run in the 40-yard dash at Tyler, he pulled his quad sharply (and very painfully).

“At that time, I thought that might be the end of the dream,” says Terron.

At press time, Terron, Odell Beckham Jr.’s cousin, remains waiting for a call from an NFL team. When the New York Jets balked on the young fitness star with extraterrestrial athletic skills, his hopes to play in the NFL took a big blow. Undaunted, Terron revealed that he does have a contingency plan in mind. “If I ever need to use a back-up plan, I’d like to enter tryouts for the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment),” says Terron.

“You never know what can happen. Both the NFL and WWE would work for me, and I believe it’s a good idea to always keep your options open.”


Terron incorporates a battery of exercises that are either direct replications of “football moves” or exercises with similar elements that use the same muscle groups as football moves.


Sled Push – Sets 8-  Reps 30 Yards-  Rest 1 min

Ladder Run Sets 8 – Reps 1 Ladder – Rest 1 min
Lateral Cone Touch Sets 8 – Reps 5 Touches – Rest 1 min
Depth Jump Sets 3 – Reps 8 – Rest 45 secs
Front Squat Sets 3 – Reps 5 – Rest 45 secs
Hang Snatch Sets 3 – Reps 5 – Rest 45 secs