Body weight: animal style

Moving like a beast has benefits beyond freeing your spirit, such as working forgotten muscles and improving core strength.

WHAT IS IT You’ll run through four athletic and explosive exercises for 15 minutes without resting in between. Clapping pushups and broad jumps will build upper- and lower-body power, respectively. Then you’ll work on stabilisation and core strength by performing kick-throughs, before finishing off the round with 30 seconds of mountain climbers to jack up your heart rate.

WHY IT WORKS You’re reinforcing functional movement patterns—natural but underused movements that activate every muscle— while conditioning and strengthening your body in a short 15-minute session. I love workouts that force you to stay low, in strong, animal like positions because they restore muscle balance.


Complete as many rounds as possible for 15 minutes.

Clapping Pushup 10
Broad Jump for Distance 5
Kick-through 10 per leg
Mountain Climber 30 sec

KICK-THROUGH Make sure to kick through with the same leg as the hand that you post with.