Abs & core: A clockwork core

Time spent doing suspension-trainer circles will bring out your six-pack.


1.Attach a suspension trainer to a sturdy anchor point and extend the handles so that they are a few inches from the floor (shortening will make the exercise easier). Grab the handles in a pushup position, supporting all your weight on them.

2.Keeping your core braced, start moving both hands in a circular motion. Start with inward circles: one in a clockwise direction, the other counterclockwise. Make a complete circle and then reverse the direction. That’s one rep. Don’t let your hips dip or your torso twist at any time. As you feel stronger, make bigger circles.

SWIM FOR YOUR LIFE Unless your core is fully engaged when using a suspension trainer, you’ll fall down, so you have to work your hardest whether you like it or not. Swimming with your hands—or making suspension-trainer circles— adds to the instability you have to fight. This makes an exercise you think is easy one of the most challenging you’ll ever try.

SUSPEND DISBELIEF Performing two to three sets of 10 reps of circles at the end of your workouts will make you more stable during squats and deads.