10-minute muscle: sculpt abs anywhere

Blast your midsection when you’re pressed for time.

CONTRARY TO POPULAR belief, abs are probably the easiest body part to train when you’re short on time and low on equipment. All you need is a floor. The next time you’re in a hotel, or your gym is closed for renovations, whip this workout out, which trains the abs (upper and lower) and the deep core muscles in only 10 minutes.


Perform exercises as a circuit. Complete one set of each in sequence and rest as prescribed. Repeat for three rounds.

Sprinter Situp* 3 10 (each side) 30 sec
Leg Raise** 3 10 30 sec
Scissor Kick*** 3 20 (each leg) 30 sec
Alligator Walk**** 3 5 (forward and back) 60 sec.

*Lie supine, legs extended. Bend your right hip and knee 90 degrees. Perform a situp, swinging left arm forward and right arm back. Repeat on opposite side.

**Lie faceup, grasping a bench or sturdy object with hands over and behind your head. Extend and raise your legs 90 degrees. Lower to just above the floor.

***In the same position as above, spread legs apart and back together. A crossover is one rep.

****In a pushup position, rest your feet on a slider or paper plate. Walk on your hands. Three “steps” forward and back is one rep.