20-minute muscle: Strike Back

Hit your back hard with a workout that will attack every muscle needed to build serious size.

FOCUSING JUST ON THE large back muscles, like the latissimus dorsi and trapezius, and neglecting smaller ones, such as the teres major, teres minor, rhomboids, and quadratus lumborum, can lead to an underdeveloped and underwhelming V-taper. Even when time is tight, you can train your whole back by pairing a vertical pull with a horizontal one to hit your mid and upper back and lower and upper lats. Supersets will also shave minutes off your workout while keeping the intensity high. Traps get special attention, and nothing will build a massive yolk like heavy-ass high pulls.

With bentover rows, lead with the elbows as you pull and squeeze the shoulder blades together at the move’s apex.

1A) 45-degree Weighted Back Extension* 5 10
1B) Wide-grip Pullup 5 To failure
2A) Bentover Row 5 10
3) High Pull 5 3

*Pause at the top of each rep for one to two seconds.