Grow a ’mo

Movember is an annual mustache- growing event created to help raise awareness for a variety of men’s health issues. Here’s what you need to be concerned with, what to eat, and how to stay healthy at every age.

MOVEMBER HAS returned, the month-long men’s health awareness campaign that has inspired more than 5 million temporary mustaches since 2003. While the resulting facial hair can be entertaining, the reason behind it is no laughing matter—of the 15 leading causes of death, men lead women in every category but Alzheimer’s disease.

Rather than shave years off your life, we spoke with an internist, chiropractor, and registered dietician to learn what health issues, fitness, and diet men should adhere to. Here’s our basic guide to men’s health, by decade.

20s Most serious health risks stem from alcohol and drug abuse and engaging in unprotected sex. If you’re a serious lifter, hitting the sauce often or popping quaaludes like Tic Tacs isn’t in your meal plan. You also .limit. .processed foods. .and Funyuns to a. .planned cheat meal.. And we have our fingers crossed that you have the smarts to wrap it up on the regular.

30s Typically, major diseases and disorders haven’t yet developed, but the clock is ticking on your body’s natural defense systems—even for healthy people who eat right, exercise, and take their daily Flinstone vitamins. Look to manage stress, .focus on developing. .good sleep hygiene,. .and eating more leafy.. ..veggies and healthy.. .fats. (avocados, flax and chia seeds) than red meat.

40s At age 45 males face. .a serious risk of. .cardiovascular.. .disease., so if your training is on “hiatus” get your ass to a gym. Along with an annual physical, keep tabs on your mental health. Stressors like work, marriage, kids, and playing in too many fantasy football leagues can cause mood swings. Feast on leafy greens—the vitamins A, E, K, and folates can help ward off cancer.

50s Get screened for colorectal and prostate cancer; African Americans are at an increased risk. With your body’s ability to absorb nutrients now on the decline (as is muscle response to protein), .don’t quit the. .gym or start eating. .lardy stuff.. Muscular degeneration can begin in your 60s, so get a head start on preserving your vision with carotenoids like kale and blueberries.

60s Your immune system weakens, and sweat glands dry up, so .keep up with. .annual vaccines. .and be mindful of. .overheating.. And watch for declining alertness and earlystage dementia. Just keep training, use herbs like turmeric to combat aches, and eat foods rich in omegas, B vitamins, calcium, and vitamin D, which can boost mood and mental sharpness.