Crossfit training for extreme intensity

Inject CrossFit into your training for extreme intensity.

LOVE IT OR HATE IT, CrossFit is a legitimate sport. CrossFitters are considered some of the fittest athletes on the planet—with some extreme workout methodologies. First up is its most famous, heartpumping benchmark workout, “Fran,” a WOD that pairs 95-pound barbell thrusters and kipping pullups for alternating sets of 21, 15, and 9 reps, completed “for time.”

Kipping anything won’t do much for your gains, so we recruited Robert Ciresi Jr., a personal trainer, CrossFitter, and former Male Model Search competitor, to tweak this WOD into a muscle-building routine. The result is a workout we call “Franco,” as in Columbu, the two-time Mr. Olympia. Ciresi switched thrusters with standard back squats and swapped out pullups for strict barbell or dumbbell military presses.

“I recommend using 55–60% of your one-rep max for both exercises, which will be enough to induce hypertrophy.” Anything heavier would be mind numbing.


EXERCISE                                                         SETS               REPS
Barbell Squat                                                       3                21, 15, 9*
Barbell or Dumbbell Military Press                          3                21, 15, 9*
*Complete as superset with no rest in between exercises.