Top 50 health tech gadgets

People are becoming more conscious about the state if their health by the day, and it’s without doubt that the ubiquity of fitness-tracking technology has helped this along.  

Increasing mainstream availability of sensors on wearables such as smartwatches – that are able to give us better feedback about what’s happening in our bodies – means more of us are discovering insights into our health and looking at how we can improve it. But with so many health-improving gizmos on the market, it’s not easy separating those that are truly beneficial from those that are nothing more than a gimmick.

With that, here’s 50 of the best gadgets and gizmos out there right now, in no particular order, that can help keep you fit, healthy, and at the top of your A-game.

1. Nokē Smart U-Lock

The revolutionary benefits of tackling your commute on two wheels are myriad, from increased circulation to better sleep, but while the University of Glasgow advises a daily spin will slash your risk of heart disease by half, having your new bike nicked is likely to have the opposite effect. Enter the Nokē Smart U-Lock, a clever security gadget that stands up to bicycle thieves by emitting a high-pitched alarm when disturbed. It also lets you check via your smartphone when your lock has been opened, as well as giving your friends access should your memory fail. Handy when a few too many Friday drinks are calling…



2. Mercedes G-Class

Yes, pulling up to the office in one of these may have your colleagues thinking you’ve listened to the new Kendrick Lamar album one too many times, but to avoid hip-hop comparisons, load the spacious boot with your weekend camping kit, book Friday afternoon off and hit the hills. Not only will cruising the countryside crush work week cortisol, but according to research from Dr. Jamie Burr – an expert in Human Health & Nutritional Sciences at the University of Guelph – off road adventures help prevent cancer, heart disease and sleep disorders. This is because driving your 4×4 through fields and the odd rough patch is thought to have the same exertion on your body as jogging, without the need to lace up in advance, or the DOMs – good news if your bed for the weekend involves a field and a sheet of canvas and some inquisitive cows.

From £89,355,


3. Wahoo KICKR trainer

Cycling might be the healthiest way to get home after work, but if your commute is too long or the roads are just too busy then do a session on this: the KICKR trainer. Attach your bike and get down to some serious peddling when it suits you, from the comfort of your living room. With its built in smart sensors, you can keep track your vitals during some hardcore aerobic activity, all without having to worry about your joints. According to Dr. Gordon Blackburn of the The Cleveland Clinic, stationary cycling enables you to get your heart pumping without putting undue stress on your joints because it reduces mechanical stress on the back, hips, knees and ankles, even when compared to walking. An exercise you can do in front of the TV with low injury risk. Win-win.


4. AutoXscape Self Rescue Tool

The AutoXscape 1 from INGEAR is a precautionary tool that any man with an interest in safety should have tucked under his car seat. The small emergency escape tool can be stored away until you need to play the hero, with a seatbelt cutter and a window glass breaker, so you’ll be ready for any potential emergency. Moreover, a study by Kirstin Aschbacher, assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of California, says brief episodes of stress might actually protect us from the effects of aging. So not only could this thing save your life, it might knock a few years off your face, too.


5. B&O Play Beolit 15  

Developed by Danish industrial designer Cecilie Manz, B&O Play’s Beolit 15 portable wireless speaker doesn’t only look the part for a dinner party, but its wrap-around design offers an impressive 360-degree surround sound that will keep all your guests entertained, even when you run out of red. And when you’re looking to burn off the meal from the night before, the Beolit 15’s audio quality will work equally as well for a home gym, too. According to the School of Sport and Education, Brunel University, listening to powerful music is scientifically proven to increase workout endurance, boosting physical performance during a tough exercise session. Though we doubt that’s the case with all kinds of music, so perhaps steer clear of that power ballad playlist.


6. Beoplay H5

If you need music to workout, why not plug your ear holes with the Beoplay H5s, some of our favourite and most stylish-looking wireless earphones. Not only will the lack of cabling give you the freedom to move freely when training, but the design has been made to provide a snug fit no matter what shape your ear canal, so you’re able to focus on your workout and less on keeping your music in your ears. Their high quality audio will also come in handy after your workout. A study by the Department of Physiology, Narayana Medical College, published in the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, says listening to music after a workout can speed up post-workout recovery and help the body recuperate faster.


7. BMW R Nine T

This retro roadster combines heritage and good looks in one powerful package that’s bound to have people mistaking you for Mike Hailwood. Powered by an air and oil-cooled 2-cylinder flat twin engine, the R Nine T boasts a speedometer and rev counter that hark back to the ‘70s. And while zooming about from A to B while sitting on your butt motorbiking might not sound all that healthy, think again. Naturopathic Physician and Health Educator, Dr. Pamela Reilly, says it can keep you lean as it improves your insulin sensitivity. Meaning your body will produce less insulin to counteract carbohydrates or to lower blood sugars, signaling it to store less fat.

From £11,600,

8. Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker

There’s nothing quite like the smell of a freshly-ground cup of coffee to get you out of the sack in the morning, and Breville agrees. With its Grind Control coffee maker, this espresso machine pulverizes your beans before every brew for extra freshness using its built-in grinder. It even lets you adjust the coarseness of the grind with the flick of a knob, making switching things up for specific tastes super easy. And it’s better for your waist line. Fresh coffee is one of the very few natural substances that has been proven to aid fat burning, with a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition stating that caffeine can boost the metabolic rate by up to 11%, helping you stay lean.


9. Bulldog Gear Trueform Runner Treadmill

The benefits of having a home gym are tenfold compared to a monthly gym membership. There’s no queueing for machines, no early weekend closing times and you can sing your heart out to your own tunes without disgruntled looks. So if you’re looking for a treadmill to complete your home gym set-up, invest in the Trueform Runner, a manual operation treader that is said to burn up to 30% more calories than motorised counterparts due to more muscles being engaged when in use. Research by the Department of Physical Therapy at High Point University, North Carolina backed this up, finding that metabolic intensity was significantly greater on non-motorised curved treadmill, eliciting a greater rating of exertion.



10. DeepFlight Dragon Personal Submarine

You don’t have to get wet to see some dazzling coral reef sights. Jump in this personal submarine and gorp at some stunning marine life without your snorkeling goggles filling up with water every minute. The DeepFlight Dragon’s quad thrusters and underwater lithium battery pack offer six hours between charges, plenty of time cruise alongside Nemo and co, or stop and hover over ancient shipwrecks. And you’re going to feel much more relaxed as a result. Scientists at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, found that spending more time in vast blue spaces such as the ocean will lower stress levels, improve mental well-being and make you feel happier.



11. Google Daydream VR

Made from the same soft fabric as your clothes for comfort and familiarity, Google’s Daydream VR headset is the ideal way to escape if you need a break from reality for a moment. Just slot your phone in the front and dive into far away cities, distant lands or even other planets. It’s good to switch off. A study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry found that VR experiences can be good therapy the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder. Perfect respite if you’ve had a particularly traumatic day in the office.



12. Google Home

Google Home is a feature-packed digital butler that could help with your organisational mishaps, play motivational tunes, boost your pub quiz chances and dim your lights, all with the power of voice. It’s also bound to keep you in tip top shape. According to Arnav Jhala, who teaches about artificial intelligence at North Carolina State University, voice assistants such as Google Home could be used to tackle health problems, encouraging healthier habits, and be there to prevent complications from occurring by offering detailed health advice on demand.


13. GoPro HERO5 Black

Designed to be a companion for both adrenaline junkies and travel addicts alike, the GoPro Hero 5 Black works to capture your most exhilarating moments right out of the box, whatever you’re up to. Wet or dry, it’s designed to tackle far-flung escapades with its rugged, waterproof design. Packing a touchscreen and support for 4K and high-speed recording, its GoPro’s best action camera yet for inspiring adventure, something that’s been proven to be beneficial for our cognitive function. According to Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, author of Real Cause, Real Cure, adrenaline-fuelled adventures such as extreme sports require intense focus and thus can increases alertness and awareness, improving memory and overall health.


14. Hedon Cortex Helmet

If you’re going to great lengths to protect that fragile frontal lobe while cycling, do it as stylishly and as comfortably as possible with the Hedon Cortex Helmet. Trimmed in genuine calf leather, it features a logo plaque in copper and brass for some major cycling sophistication. And if this stylish and minimal design wasn’t reason enough to get you wearing a helmet while riding, maybe research by Australian statisticians Jake Olivier and Prudence Creighton from the University of New South Wales will change your mind. Their study found that helmets reduce the odds of a serious head injury by almost 70%.



15. Hyperice Vyper

Research in the Journal of Athletic Training has proven that foam rolling substantially improves quadriceps muscle tenderness in the days after fatigue, enhancing the recovery of muscular performance. Hyperice aims to shake that up and boost these findings with its Vyper foam roller that uses both pressure and vibration to improve the body’s overall performance. The vibrating foam roller delivers vibration frequencies at three power speeds to shake those DOMS right out of you.


16. Jaguar 18F-TYPE MY

Boasting some impressive state-of-the-art onboard tech, the Jaguar 18F-TYPE MY is the car for those wanting to show off their driving skills. And we’re not talking parallel parking or three-point turns. The F-TYPE’s infotainment system connects wirelessly to a GoPro so drivers can record their performance data directly from the vehicle’s electronic control networks, allowing it to be overlaid on the footage in real-time to capture highlights such as peak cornering and braking forces. It might help you look better out of the car, too. A study published in the Organisational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes journal suggests getting behind the wheel of a sports car makes the body produce more testosterone, which can decrease fat mass and increase muscle size and strength.


17. Leica M10 Black

If you fancy yourself as an ameteur photogpaher, look no further than the Leica M10. Oozing with retro style, it’s an ode to the German camera company’s inaugural days back in the ‘50s. Perhaps the most advanced analogue camera out there, the M10 is a classic additional to any ameteur photographer’s lineup. And if you’re new to photography, this is still a great starting point, not only for fun. Taking our time in creative activities like photography have been suggested to be good for our mental health, too. A study by Columbia University found that activating the brain’s reward system with activities such as photography can increase dopamine and counter the effects of stress-related diseases.



18. LEIF ESnowbooard

Ideal for those that don’t get to the slopes as often as they’d like to, the LEIF ESnowbooard is a six-wheeled electric snowboard that captures the mechanics and feel of real snowboarding, meaning you can practise your technique at any time of year. Letting you carve up the pavement as if you were sliding down a mountain slope, the ESnowboard is capable of reaching 23mph with a 10 mile range. And while you might feel a little self conscious ‘snowboarding’ on cement, research suggests you’ll be too happy to care what people think. Published in the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life, a study by Korean scientists revealed that snowboarding enhances a person’s positive outlook on life.

19. Master & Dynamic MH40 Leather Over-Ear Headphones

The best weapon against procrastination is through the power of music, so if you can’t concentrate in the office, stick on these headphones. A study by Stanford University School of Medicine found that music engages the areas of the brain involved with paying attention. So if you’re looking to get down to some serious work, the MH40s by Master & Dynamic are the best cans for the job. Not only will they cancel out all noisy distractions but they’ll do it with a warm and rich audio profile, thanks to their custom 45mm neodymium drivers that are some of the best around for capturing small details in music.  


20. Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini 2 Record Equipped training shoe

If you’re forever forgetting to strap on your fitness tracker before going for a run, Under Armour have just the thing. They’ve integrated a running tracker straight into the soles of their SpeedForm Gemini 2 running shoes, so it doesn’t matter if your leave your smartwatch at home. Being the most intelligent trainers you’ll ever slip your feet into, they boast an accelerometer to record running metrics and Bluetooth connectivity that saves it all to an app. And if running in these wasn’t enough to get you fit, the Gemini 2 engages you in a pre-run jump test that not only measures how ready your body is to run, but as Dr. Daniel W. Barry, an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Colorado notes, will improve bone density.


21. Montblanc Summit smartwatch

With way more class than your average Fitbit but remaining just as smart, the Montblanc is a clever ticker for fitness enthusiasts looking for a stylish smartwatches. Under its elegant sapphire crystal glass there’s a high-resolution AMOLED touch display disguised as a chic watch face that conceals several fitness sensors to track your vitals, such as heart rate, making it a good companion for any occasion in the health-conscious’ calendar. Dr. James Borchers, a sports medicine physician at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, says access to real-time data such as heart rate can be useful in helping us decide whether our current situation is intense enough to provide health benefits, but not so much that it could cause health problems. One graceful way to keep an eye on your pulse.


22. New Balance Vazee Pace 2 running shoes

There’s a host of scientific studies that prove running can extend life expectancy way beyond any pill a doctor could prescribe, with some showing that going for a jog or sprint on a weekly basis will prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, cancer, and so on. If you’re in the market for a new pair of kicks, New Balance’s Vazee Pace 2 are the best in their class for high performance, helping you to push yourself further than before thanks to a lightweight midsole that’s been fortified with more blown rubber to up durability and energise every stride.


23. Nordic Pocket Saw

There’s no such thing as a weedy lumberjack, so if you’re looking to bulk up, give woodwork a go on your next outdoor pursuit with the Nordic Pocket Saw. The compact manual chainsaw features double-cutter teeth on each link so you can cut logs in both directions; perfect when you’re running low on wood for the night’s fire, or if you just want to feel like ‘the man’. That’s right, researchers from the University of California have discovered that the lumberjack lifestyle significantly increases testosterone levels, even more so than competitive activities such as playing football. What more excuse do you need?



24. Parrot Disco Drone

See the world from a whole new perspective with this fixed-wing drone by Parrot that not only swoops through the skies at 50mph but comes with Cockpitglasses, a first-person view headset so you can see which neighbours’ BBQs you weren’t invited to via a Full HD camera. Better still, researchers at Harvard Medical School found that fixating on flying objects in the sky can cause anatomic changes in areas of the brain involved in memory, learning, and emotion, which is proven to improve pain management and decrease anxiety. Those benefits might not apply if you crash it, though.


25. Patagonia Down Sleeping Bag

Roughing it in the great outdoors is sure to land you in a bit of a moist spot, so the Patagonia Down Sleeping Bag with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish is the key, protecting campers from tent moisture or even light precipitation, and giving you all the more reason to enjoy outdoor experiences – something researchers say you can’t get enough of.  A study by the University of Michigan found that the effects of outdoor experiences improved the test subjects psychological well-being, social functioning, and life outlook, and lasted for up to a month after camping.

From £360,

26. People People Transparent Speaker

‘Tidy room, tidy mind’ is the mantra of Swedish design startup People People, whose see-through speaker peddles the minimal aesthetic by encasing its components in glass to blend into various environments. Not only will this look effortlessly cool in any room, but it’ll help keep you calm, too. Scientists have recommended that minimal environments can have a massive impact on our mental clarity and peace of mind, because clutter distracts us by drawing our attention away from what our focus should be on. So get some soothing music pumping out of the Transparent Speaker and you’ll be all Zen-ed out before you can say ‘namaste’.

27. PlayerTek Sports Monitoring Vest

Convinced your footie skills are on par with Sergio Aguero but no-one believes you? Let the stats speak for themselves. The PlayerTek is a smart vest made for football fans that not only measures player performance with built-in sensors but connects to an app to give you a full match report. Statistics are broken down into two halves of the game so you can see when you played your best, and worst, and then the app destroys your ego by comparing it to the stats of popular premiership players from top clubs Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Leicester. And if you’re upset the data doesn’t live up to your own hype, be happy that practising alone is one of the best workouts. A study led by Professors Peter Krustrup and Jens Bangsbo from the Department of Exercise and Sports Sciences, University of Copenhagen, demonstrated that football training for two-three hours per week causes significant cardiovascular, metabolic and musculoskeletal adaptations, irrespective of players’ gender, age or lack of football experience.



28. Portable Pull Up & Dip bar

Dips are one of the most beneficial exercises for muscle building, but without a gym, pushing two chairs together in your living room isn’t the safest way to perform them. Be thankful there’s now a machine to make it easy (and safe). Working both inside and outside, the Pull Up & Dip bar is a portable system that not only builds arm muscle mass, but gives you an all-over workout, wherever you are. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) found dips to be one of the most effective moves for eliciting a high level of muscle activity in many synergistic muscles, including those in your chest, shoulders and upper back. Dip yourself fit.



29. Primus Kinjia stove

A heavy-duty gas stove that’s light, portable and promises to withstand all elements when warming up not one but two tins of beans simultaneously during any campaign trip. And if eating beans wasn’t reason enough to go camping, the activity itself is said to do wonders for your Z’s. According to a 2013 study by the University of Colorado Boulder, researchers examined campers for a week and found that sleeping away from artificial light helped reset their circadian rhythms and made them less groggy.


30. Quarter Dome Air Hammock  

Camping anywhere near water is never a good idea, but if you’ve got the option to suspend your camp bed above the ground then chances are you’re going to save yourself waking up in a swamp. The Quarter Dome Air Hammock is the answer to this. It’s essentially a tent in the sky, featuring a ripstop nylon and bug repelling mesh, and permanently-attached shock-corded poles to form a stable platform to sleep in. You might not feel like you’re swinging between two palm trees if you’re camping in the cotswolds but at least the gentle rocking motion of the hammock is believed by Dr Michel Muhlethaler of the University of Genevato to help you fall asleep faster, encouraging a deeper state of sleep.


31. Roland TD-11KV V-DRUMS electronic drum kit

Want to thrash some toms like a certain Phil Collins-playing gorilla without ruining everyone’s day? The Roland TD-11KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit brings a more natural and realistic playing experience to drummers of any skill level, along with a bit more control on the noise output and the ability fold them away when you’ve had enough. Even better, scientists who studied the effects of drumming found that it reduced depression and anxiety while  improving social resilience over time, meaning you can pop these out and drum yourself calm whenever the need arises.


32. Samsung Gear S3 Fontier edition

Wear the Gear S3 Frontier and embrace an active outdoor lifestyle. You can go for a run, a round of golf, or go exploring on your bike because with built in GPS, you get optimised hiking routes, see the distance to the next hole on the green, and find the best places to eat in the area after the game. Then when it’s time to rest, keep the Gear S3 on and enable sleep mode to track your bedtime habits. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports a sustained lack of sleep can have long-term negative consequences for the body, so wearing the Gear S3 at night will help you identify your snoozing patterns and set goals to improve the quality and quantity of sleep.


33. Sonos Playbase

The Playbase is a home theatre speaker system that connects over WiFi to a multi-speaker setup, giving you the best cinema sound experience no matter what you’re watching on TV. Yes, even Eastenders. And while dramatic soap operas might not apply, research suggests that gorping at the box has the potential to reduce stress. Research conducted by the department of Communication at University College Santa Barbara found that the more TV we watch, the lower our cortisol levels will be, indicating lower blood pressure, cholesterol and stress levels, Finally, feel less guilty about Netflix binging.


34. Specialized Roubaix Expert Endurance Bike

The Roubaix has been one of Specialized’s most important bikes, and it’s now lighter, with frame tubes that are more flexible for a smoother ride, with great handling and disc braking, making the latest edition the best for comfort and control for the long distance cycling enthusiast. And the longer you can go, the longer you’ll go, it seems. An analysis by the Department of Physiology, University of Valencia, found endurance sports like cycling could actually add years onto your life. The research compared 834 cyclists who rode the Tour de France from the 1930s-1960s and found that they lived, on average, eight years longer than the general population.

From £2,100,

35. Srixon Z 565/Z 765 Driver

A great driver for golfers seeking a strong ball flight, the Srixon Z 765 club delivers a powerful, accurate launch for those with high swing speed. Perfecting your tee shots with the Z 765 could also get you in your best physical form. According to research conducted at the University of Edinburgh, regular swinging (of the golf variety) could help in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, including ischaemic heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and colon cancer. The study also uncovered that playing golf can extend life expectancy, with golfers living on average up to five years longer than non-players. Swinging keeps you winning.


36. TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45

This Swiss-made smartwatch not only tracks your fitness behaviours, but it can be customised in a host of different manners thanks to its interchangeable parts. The watch head can be removed, and you can change buckles and bracelets to complement whichever event you plan to use it for, keeping on top of your fitness irrespectable of the event. Unlike many smartwatches, the TAG Heuer is also water resistant up to 50 meters, so can be used to improve your stroke. If that wasn’t reason enough to take this watch to water, its strap can not only be switched for one that matches your trunks, but research by Bucknell University says more regular swimming improves flexibility and strength, helping to build up endurance and increase muscular flexibility.


37. Adidas Terrex Fast Mid GTX-Surround shoes

Going for a quick hike? Pull on these Adidas outdoor shoes specially designed for fast treks and short trail runs. The abrasion-resistant design features 100% waterproof protection and 360 degrees of breathable material to keep your feet well ventilated even in wet environments. There’s also a Continental Rubber outsole for extra strong grip on those scrambles, so even when you’re short on time, you can get your ass on that hiking trail. According to research conducted by the University of Kansas, spending time outdoors increases attention span and creative problem-solving skills by as much as 50 percent, an ideal skills to take back to the office.


38. Thule Covert DSLR Rolltop Backpack

Camera gear got too big to carry around your neck? Don’t be a show off, replace your camera strap with a backpack and keep it secure in the Thule Covert DSLR Rolltop, which has zips, pockets and pouches for all your photo equipment. There’s also an origami-style divider system that folds around the smallest to largest pieces of gear for custom fit protection. Better yet, you’ll not be doing any damage to your back. Replacing your camera shoulder strap with a backpack is proven to be better for your posture as the load is evenly spread. Alan Hedge, Ph.D. professor of ergonomics at Cornell University says too much weight on one shoulder means your back twists more to one side resulting in an uneven strain, and tension, pain, or even spasms.


39. TRX Home Gym suspension trainer

When business trips are getting in the way of getting to the gym, there’s always bodyweight  suspension training. The TRX system is essentially a portable gym in a bag that sets up anywhere in seconds, delivering fast full-body workouts in as little as 15 minutes a day to keep you in shape when you’re away from home. A study by The American Council on Exercise showed participants using the TRX system burned an average of 400 calories per session, with significant decreases in waist circumference, body fat percentage, and resting blood pressure after regular TRX exercise. A good alternative to disappointing hotel gyms.



40. Wacaco Minipresso NS portable espresso maker

Whether your next trip away involves backpacking, camping or slumming it in a hotel with no coffee-making facilities, the Wacaco Minipresso espresso maker is small, light and portable enough to ensure you never miss out on your morning coffee again. And it’s a good job. Regularly slurping a cup of the black stuff is associated with endless benefits, such as a lower incidence of Parkinson’s and certain types of cancers, and even reduced rates of DNA damage. The Center for Cohort Studies at Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, recently noted that drinking coffee could also reduce the risk of clogged arteries, which can lead to heart attacks. A cup of coffee a day keeps the illness away.


41. Set For Set Steel Mace Personal Fitness Tool

If it’s good enough for a Hindu warrior, it’s good enough for us. This Steel Mace is the latest fitness tool to promise a total body workout; from your arms, core and legs. Based on a weapon originally used in warfare by Hindu and Persian warriors in the 13th century, the steel mace holds almost the entirety of its weight in the ball head. According to its makers Set for Set, this uneven weight distribution engages smaller stabilising muscles around the joints which increases core and rotational strength. Its also said to be virtually indestructible. And you’ll be saying the same about your abs after using it.


42. Tenkara Rod Co. Teton Smart Rod

Fishing beginner or angling expert, the Teton Smart Rod is made so anyone can throw a line to the water and catch some tiddlers. It fuses together the traditional Japanese tenkara bamboo cane with more modern materials, making it an ultra-light telescopic rod for precise line throwing and swivel tips that help keep the line from getting tangled. And whether you’re successful or not, spending long bouts of time gazing across tranquil water is known to help you relax. Research from Indiana University, Bloomington, says the easygoing sport can offer tension reduction, self renewal, and a “natural high”.


43. Craftsman Claw Flex Hammer

Hitting the nail on the head isn’t a task that should be taken lightheartedly, especially when there’s vulnerable thumbs involved. The Craftsman Claw Flex Hammer is a DIYer’s dream, eradicating the risk of hitting thumbs thanks to its guiding system that lets you set the nail directly in the hammer before you pound away. Weak wristed? The Claw Flex Hammer should help you out there, too. According to Dr. Kevin Laudner, a kinesiologist at Illinois State University, the action of hammering can help toughen your wrists as it’s a form of radial strengthening; the act of bending your wrist toward your thumb side.


44. Camillus Camtrax 3-in-1 multitool

Take some weight off that handyman belt with the Camillus Camtrax, a 3-in-1 multi-tool constructed out of titanium stainless steel that combines an axe, a hammer, and a 7-inch folding saw in one. This is the ultimate sidekick to get any wood-based job done, and according to a report by Planet Ark’s Make it Wood campaign, you can never have enough wood. The study states that having more wood in our homes has a positive physiological and psychological benefit due to it mimicking the effects of spending time outside in nature, helping to lowering blood pressure and reduce stress and anxiety.


45. Char-Broil Digital Home Smoker

Designed for those who love the classic, rich flavor of smoked foods but want a more modern, hassle-free smoking option, Char-Broil’s digital smoker features a large, stainless steel locking latch for a smoke-tight seal that cooks your meats and fish to smoked perfection. And not to worry if the tastes gets you hooked on smoked salmon, eating more of the pink fish is never a bad thing. It’s not only rich in OMEGA-3 fatty acids and high-quality protein, but according to the Department of Nutrition and Metabolism at the University of Texas, it will help your body restore after injury, protecting bone health and maintaining muscle mass. Anadromous healing never tasted better.


46. Turntable: Clearaudio Concept

Clearaudio’s retro vinyl player is an elegantly-styled turntable for the more refined music fan. Featuring technology usually only found in high-end turntables, it combines great audio sound quality with affordability. But it’s not only an investment in the turntable, the vinyl you’ll play on it and the music experience itself, but it’s also a remedy for any future discomfort. According to the Trappe, HJ. Medical University Clinic in Germany, good quality music can meaningfully reduce the perceived intensity of pain, no matter what the ailment. So sit and appreciate the sounds spun by the Clearaudio and let your hangover headache rise into the ether.


47. Stone Island Pertex Jacket

With a performance fabric that unites extreme lightness with high strength and durability, the Stone Island Pertex jacket is like a hug from your mum in any environment, making you thankful you packed it whenever the weather takes a turn for the worse. The jacket has an interlocking Y-shape yarn structure for a tough outer construction, and because it’s padded with a lightweight PrimaLoft material made up of a blend of fibres with ultra fine diameters, it provides some epic insulation and waterproofing considering its size, all without weighing a tonne or taking up vital backpack space. The Pertex jacket is an essential piece of kit to pack and prepare for any outdoor adventure.



48. Omron Evolv blood pressure monitor

The Omron Evolv is a clinically-validated wireless blood pressure monitor that is light enough to take anywhere with you, while also being super easy to use. The device lets you easily measure, record and share your blood pressure data with your family or doctor using an app. It is also really well designed considering its function. Recommended by various doctors and pharmacists, and using a heart health algorithm, called Advanced Accuracy, the device measures more data points and eliminates interference from movement for more precise, clinically-accurate readings. It also lets you easily measure, record and share your blood pressure data with your family or doctor using the Omron Connect App.



49. Celestron 25×70 SkyMaster Binoculars

Birds come in all shapes, colours and sizes, and so trying to spot some of the millions of different breeds in nature can be a fun sport of its own. With 25x magnification, ultra sharp focus and multi-coated optics for sharp, clear terrestrial and astronomical views, the Celestron SkyMaster Binoculars will help you see more birds than on hen parties in Blackpool. What’s more, a study published in Frontiers in Psychology suggests using binoculars for bird watching is a very meditative activity. Spending long bouts of time in the great outdoors without distractions makes bird watching a great opportunity to experience calm after a stressful day.


50. Tangram Factory Smart Rope

Keeping count your hops is half the battle of a jump rope workout, so here’s the Tangram Factory Smart Rope to take care of that side of the exercise, leaving you to focus on your form. The clever rope has a bunch of proprietary sensors that detect full 360-degree revolutions but the real smart thing about it is its embedded LEDs that project your jump count along with your fitness data – such as calories burned – in mid-air as you skip. And if that wasn’t enough to switch the running for the rope, research by Science Daily, 10 minutes of skipping rope is about equivalent to running an 8-minute mile. And because the impact of each jump or step is absorbed by both legs, it may have lower risks for knee damage than running.