Press pain free

PERFORM THE EXERCISES as a circuit, completing one set of each in sequence without rest in between. Afterward, rest 30 seconds and repeat for six to eight total circuits. Each time through, change your hand position slightly on the press, shrug, and pushup. For example, start with a shoulder-width grip on all three, then move it out an inch on subsequent sets. Set up spotter bars in a power rack so that after you shrug you can place the bar on the rack at waist height and do your pushups on the bar from there.


Close-grip Pullup 3 3
Shoulder-width Pullup 3
Wide-grip Pullup 3
Overhead Press w/Shrug* 5
Barbell Shrug 5
Barbell Pushup** 5


*Press the bar overhead, then shrug your traps at the top.
**Place your hands on the barbell and perform pushups on it, using the bar for support.

Performing lighter versions of the lifts you’ll do in your workout, or for very low reps so they’re not taxing, prepares the muscles and joints for the ranges of motion you’ll use in the workout as specifically as possible.