Guava benefits

A PEAR-SHAPED FRUIT with a light green or maroon skin, guava is as commonly eaten in Asia as the apple is here. Native to tropical Central America, guava trees can attain a height of 30 feet. The fruit offers a unique, sweet taste while also fighting disease and improving your physique.

A single guava fruit provides more than six times the vitamin C that a man needs in a day. Guava is lower in sugar and higher in fiber than apples and bananas, and extract from its leaves is used to treat diabetes. A 2010 study in Nutrition & Metabolism found that it keeps blood sugar down. Best of all, unlike most other produce, guava has a heightened natural resiliency against insects, so excessive pesticides aren’t required to grow and harvest it. That means you can snack on it safely without fear of ingesting heavy chemicals.

Pick up guava in your supermarket or health-food store and eat it raw, or look for it in juice or jam form. Guava is so potent that even when it’s processed into juice or jam or consumed long after its harvest date, it retains much of its power. A study in Plant Foods for Human Nutrition found that guava juice still satisfied the RDA for vitamin C after time in storage.