Burning Questions

Our experts answer the fitness queries that are keeping you up at night.

Q: “I heard it’s bad to roll my shoulders when I’m doing shrugs, but a lot of guys do it. How bad could it be?”

A: “IT’S A terrible idea,” says Mike Geremia, a certified personal trainer working in New York City who also serves as technical adviser on M&F photo shoots. “It’s like getting
shitfaced and texting your ex at 3:30 in the morning. In short: Rolling forward mimics the uppercross syndrome that we try so hard to eliminate in most people.”
The upper-cross syndrome refers to tightness in the upper traps and pecs—a problem most desk jockeys are susceptible to because of all those hours they spend hunched over a computer. Mimicking terrible posture under load increases the risk of injury to the shoulders and neck even more, says Geremia, who recommends you shrug the old-fashioned way—straight up and down. “If you want to roll your shoulders, pop in a Jane Fonda tape from 1984.”

Q: “I often put raw eggs into my protein shakes. How bad is the salmonella risk, really?”

A: According to nutritionist David L. Katz, M.D. (david katzmd.com), “The absolute risk is low, but it is real. If there is salmonella in the barnyard, it can get on the eggs, and when the eggs are cracked, it can get in. Cooking kills it.” Salmonella poisoning might entail a week’s worth of cramps and diarrhea and could also lead to Reiter syndrome, which can cause chronic arthritis.