JOHN CENA’S Upper-body workout

John Cena trains four days a week. All of Cena’s workouts are designed by his personal trainer, ROB MACINTYRE. Two days a week he focuses on Olympic lifts (snatch, clean and jerk), and two days a week he focuses on powerlifting moves. The workout presented here is from one of his powerlifting days. It’s a little bit lighter and shorter than one of his Olympic lifting days. MACINTYRE NOTES: “He was preparing for a heavy week the next week, so weights were not the heaviest he works with. For the main lifts, all weights are chosen by me ahead of time, so he is trying to hit certain weights every workout. This helps hold him back from doing too much, which is the case for most athletes.”

A simple session for a man like John Cena but it hits big muscle groups and works in a strength to bodybuilding range, most athletes take years working out the best rep ranges, sets, rest periods and time under tensions. MUHDO has been working hard to discover the genetic variants in top athletes from bodybuilders to endurance athletes to find out what makes them different, this work has been finding correlations with certain groups and certain methods of training that can take the years of trial and error out by utilising genetic testing. Chris Collins from MUHDO conducted a study that found:

The participants analysed all had years of experience to come to the conclusion on what training works for them. None of the individuals analysed appeared to suffer outwardly in their aesthetic “look”, even though some obviously trained less.

The study indicates that some people need to rest more to achieve similar bodybuilding results to those who train more, the ones needing to rest more had a certain genetic variant in the gene AMPD1. This is just one part of a programme, but when combined with hundreds of other studies it is clear to see that DNA testing is the future of training programme creation.