Benefits of DNA Diet

  1. Our genetics predispose us to certain factors in our environment, for example how some people can gain muscle faster than others, how some people can smoke for years but never get cancer….the list goes on!! The foods we eat come in all forms and types: Carbs, Fats, Proteins, High calories, Low calories, High Glycaemic, Low Glycaemic…etc..etc.. Our DNA helps us understand what different types of food do to our body. By learning what our DNA holds about our response to dietary intake we can better plan our lifestyle around our environment and our genetics!

  2. Certain genes are linked to obesity; however we cannot BLAME our genetics for obesity, and environmental factors play a bigger role. However by understanding our genetic risk we can better tailor our lifestyle around the risks to better manage our weight.

  3. Normal diet plans are created for quick answers to weight loss, however in general these are not particularly healthy. Most diets utilise a quick calorie deficit to lose weight, by normally cutting out food groups, however as everyone has different genetic make-up it is impossible to know what health effects this will have! A calorie deficit will always make a person lose weight, but is it sustainable, is it healthy? A DNA diet is tailored to both environment and DNA, giving us the best chance of sustainable, healthy weight control.

  4. Our DNA can help us understand our body’s response to exercise and what type of energy expenditure we have, which next to diet regulation is the key to successful weight control.

  5. DNA analysis helps us understand our predispositions to vitamin and mineral deficiencies such as vitamin D, A, Calcium and Magnesium etc………… By utilising this information in line with environmental factors it is possible to create a diet that not only controls weight BUT also keeps us healthy!

By. Chris Collins.