Why People Are So Scared To Talk About Genetics?

The term genetics can often bring up images, of people in lab coats, test tubes and of course DNA helixes. During the past decade the word genetics has been becoming more common on news channels, in the media and in general gossip, however when it comes to actually getting to the nitty-gritty of genetics and what it means we always shy away.

But why?

There are probably multiple reasons for why we are so scared to talk abut the fast moving and integral subject:

  1. Genetics as a subject is vast, multi-faceted and complicated, this is nearly always a turn off for people not in the industry. Especially as no one has really made the subject approachable.
  2. People don’t like the idea of having potential negatives lurking around the corner, especially if we cant actually do anything with them.
  3. Genetics can often bring up sci-fi ideas like human cloning, mutants and dangerous experiments.

These are but a few, but it is interesting that we don’t talk about something that we all know about, we all share and we can all see when we meet anyone new.

I believe we should talk about genetics, we should embrace the things that make us..us! We may be scared to discover the hidden dangers that hide in all our genomes BUT what if we can discover ways to prevent these predisposed dangers from occurring?

Research can’t just occur in a sterile lab, we all have our part to play, and the real world with its pollutants, radiation, bacteria, viruses, foods and other environmental dangers is where we will really discover the truth behind why our genes act the way they do.

We have to also consider that our genes don’t just hold the key to our negatives, but they also hold the key to our positives, our gifts!

Imagine if Usain Bolt never decided to sprint? He would never have truly optimised his genetic gifts, never won so many medals. Usain didn’t need a DNA test to find his gift, but how many potential Usain Bolt’s are there in the world, how many never find their gifts in the environment, how many never reach their potential.

Some would argue that it’s ONLY training that gets sports people to the top, but they are again scared of the genetics conundrum. If I was born at the same time as Usain Bolt, we both followed the exact same environmental path, both trained the same I can 100% say that Usain would still destroy me in the 100m. I can accept this, I can accept my gifts to be different, my negatives will also be different and of course the law of averages would assume that we would also share some of the same base genetic data too.

We need to not shy away from genetics, the more we all embrace our genetics the better we can stay healthy, unlock our gifts and eventually block our predisposed problems.

Author: Chris Collins