Grow a ’mo

Movember is an annual mustache- growing event created to help raise awareness for a variety of men’s health issues. Here’s what you need to...

New ways to washboard

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1 food, 5 ways: eggs

The incredibly edible egg is a muscle builder that contains all nine essential amino acids. 1.BAKE INTO MUFFINS Preheat oven to 350°F. Coat a 12-muffin...

Four food fundamentals


Virgin Daiquiri Delight

There’s nothing quite like a taste of summer to make you forget about the dead of winter. Just one sip of this strawberry daiquiri-inspired smoothie and you’ll be transported to a...

Maximise growth

Chicken, Chorizo & New Potato Bake

Elite British athlete Chris Gregory joined us in the kitchen to talk nutrition & sport, and make his go-to post training recipe - a...

Power workout tools

To melt away stubborn fat, you need to put some wattage behind your workouts and rethink the tools you use most. Performing tire flips,...

Vegan Energy Balls – Will Collier | England & Harlequins Rugby player

Blogger & England Touch Rugby player Jon came down to the kitchen to whip-up some super quick, and super tasty vegan energy balls. Touch...

The cable girl workout

This workout trains your upper back, shoulders, and arms. You can do this as your training session once in a while to give your whole upper-body...


Muhdo speaks with sports nutritionist Lucy Ellis MSc on all things... What is the most important aspect to a successful fat loss? Calorie deficit that you can maintain and adhere to and then knowing when to...

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Fish Feast

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Best post-workout supplement

YEAH, we know we sound like a broken record telling you for the billionth time that “abs are made in the kitchen,” but it’s...

5 Reasons to stretch

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