Box jump baby steps

EVER WATCH A SLOW-MO VIDEO of someone doing a vertical jump onto plyo boxes? At first you’re thinking, They can’t get all the way up there! And...

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The 200 USD Transformation!

Hello sunshine

Redefining fitness

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Wrap It Up

Pescatarians can get protein, omega-3s, a boost of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from this spicy salmon wrap COLLARD SALMON WRAP 1 medium-size collard green leaf 1 can...

1 food, 5 ways: eggs


Increase your testosterone!

Testosterone which is usually associated with men is also found in women, although it is the predominant hormone in men, testosterone plays a huge...

The iron shake

Thrill of the grill

Get adventurous and put the boring burgers and barbecue chicken on the back burner for these unique eats AS TEMPERATURES BEGIN to soar, there are...

Superfit super moms

Perfecting the delicate balance between family, work, and exercise is no simple feat, so it’s time to celebrate all the fit mothers out there....

Battle of the Bands

Thinking of getting the band back together? Know which resistance bands to use and how to use them for the best results. RESISTANCE BANDS ARE...

Superfood and superfit

Adding pomegranate to your diet may pay off for lifters. THE POMEGRANATE is more than just a tart, fibrous, and delicious snack (or a refreshing...


Muhdo speaks with sports nutritionist Lucy Ellis MSc on all things... What is the most important aspect to a successful fat loss? Calorie deficit that you can maintain and adhere to and then knowing when to...

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15-Minute Feast: Prawns

Fish Feast

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The “big three” are overrated when it comes to building size. Try these alternatives for pain-free lifts that’ll spark enormous growth.   IF YOU PLAN ON...

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